Working for bird welfare

Foundation purposes

The Psittacus Foundation is the expression of the vocation of the corporate social responsibility of the founding company Psittacus Catalonia SL. Therefore, the Foundation will pursue animal welfare as well as environmental, educational, social, scientific and avicultural support purposes, linked in one way or another to the world of birds.

Fields of action

  • Environmental and conservation
  • Animal welfare
  • To promote responsible and sustainable aviculture
  • Educational and awareness-raising
  • Social and health
  • Scientific and to encourage research

Didn't you know? You're also a faunist

We are a community of people committed to the welfare of animals and the preservation of our ancestral relationship with them
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In process

Development of a new model for the comprehensive rearing of psittacine chicks.
Started in 2021. In progress.


Development of a new protocol for the hand-rearing of chicks of this genre.
Scheduled for 2023.

Collaborating Entities
The Psittacus Foundation collaborates with other entities; either for the realization of projects or for mutual enrichment.
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