About us

Foundational purposes

The Psittacus Foundation is the expression of the vocation of the corporate social responsibility of the founding company Psittacus Catalonia SL. Therefore, the Foundation will pursue animal welfare as well as environmental, educational, social, scientific and avicultural support purposes, linked in one way or another to the world of birds.

Fields of action

Environmental and conservation
Animal welfare
To promote responsible and sustainable aviculture
Educational and awareness-raising
Social and health
Scientific and to encourage research
Working for bird welfare
The Psittacus Catalonia team at the service of bird protection and welfare, through the Foundation
Incubation, nutrition and management

We develop and improve the protocols to follow in species with complex needs

Dissemination and awareness

We contribute to the knowledge and awareness of society

Biodiversity conservation

We collaborate in the conservation of endangered species

May 2021
Constitution of the Foundation
July 2021
Start-up of the first projects
May 2023
Start of Psittacus LIVE emissions
September 2023
Presentation of the Faunist Initiative
September 2023
Inauguration of the ESPAI FUNDACIÓ
June 2024
Opening to the public of the ESPAI FUNDACIÓ


A meeting place for bird lovers
Incubation, nutrition and management
Learn by observing our facilities
Dissemination and awareness
Training courses and conferences
Food for birds and merchandising
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